Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fallen Angel

04-01-07 desk 001

Kate asked for photos of our desks, and I've only just learned how to insert an image, so here it is. Under the monitor shelf are boxes where I keep collage materials for those oh-my-dog-I-need-a-card-for-Annie's-birthday moments. The room is generally dark, so the keyboard lights up. I have my cigs, tea, water and hairbrush (webcam, you know, top left). Above the monitor is another shelf full of reference books and the printer/scanner.

I did well today. Not only did I get another complete chapter done, I also worked out the origin of one character and the end of the line for another character (i.e. his last scene in the book, some 70K words away).

Winston seems to be developing nicely.

I also wrote five flashes and a sonnet that I'm rather pleased with.

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liz fenwick said...

great desk and amazing word count. Keep it up!