Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Girding My Loins.

So the race is off to a great start except for me. That's understandable, and am I worried? No.

I've written a few words in 2007; two 5K stories and a plastic shopping bag full of drabbles but that doesn't really count. What does count is The Book.

Since my short "The Chill of the Road" got rejected by Iris Press today (the fools) I shall be using it as the basis for the book. All I have to do is sprinkle in another 5K, add a plot, throw in the Usual Suspects (Harold Jasfoup, Gillian et al, stir in the ingredients of 'By Any Other Name' that didn't really go anywhere and Bob's your uncle. Or mine actually, or was until he died.

I finished 'Traces of Desire' today at 4.3K. A little raunchy for a mainstream novel but it will be submitted to Best Women's Erotica.

I have another couple of erotic pieces to tidy up (and add in 1000 words in one case) and then send them off too. Then I have a teensy flash to write (700 words) and a vampire erotica (Gillian again, naturally) and then I can start on the book with a fresh slate.

I know I can write upwards of 2K a day when I get going, so I'm confidant about catching up, even after starting a week or so late.

That's the plan, anyway.

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