Thursday, January 25, 2007

Medium Anxiety

I've slowed down a bit today.

Although I know where the story is going, in that I do have a broad outline and endings for three of the four converging threads, I have actually come to the end of my detailed plotting.

You see, the way I write is by noting down everything that should happen in a chapter and writing that. For example:

Chapter 10
Transformation (Road of Trials)4.2 Winston talks to Julia
Peters collects the handbag and shoes. Chats up Jo Barker.
Physical Separation1Ruby dies
Gillian has lamb for dinner.
Jarvis chats up HotnSassy19 (Ealing)
DI White records his notes. His PC is remote accessed.
Ragon misses his wife
Jasfoup talks to Backdoor Harry.
The TV station runs the murder story.

This method works well and keeps me writing to a decent wordage each day (4K or so)

Now I'm down to:

Chapter 13
The Imps
The Cabal
DI White / Police

Now I don't use all the characters in every chapter, only a few of them to keep each of their stories moving, but without the detailed plot devices my writing has to slow down while I plot the minutiae. I know the broad plots but if the next major scene isn't till midnight, I have to know if the folks are doing anything important to the story between 9:00 pm and then, even if it's just bathing the baby.

Still 3200 words today, so it's not all bad.

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