Sunday, January 07, 2007

A novel in 90 days.

That's not so bad. I wrote, edited and submitted a 70K novel for Nanowrimo all before the end of the month. Having recently taken on the challenge to write a new book (that I haven't even plotted yet) last week, this community dovetails rather neatly, except that I'll be on 1200 words per day to his my 100K target.

I've written five books up until now (three are being hawked, two need editing) and halfway through a sixth. I'll leave that one for now and start on the seventh instead.

Plotting begins tomorrow.

Buggere Alle Thiss
I've gone back to my original book. It has 25K on it already, which will need a serious edit to include the new plotline in 'The Chill of the Road.'

I'll make it in a one-off format and re-introduce the characters as I go along. Harold, Jasfoup, Meinwen et al. The bad guys can be the elves.

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