Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pancakes and Cheese

It was a bit of a slog today. A full and busy house meant that today's chapter took me until about 5:00, but I got it down in the end. I shall (no promises though) take tomorrow off and catch up on some flashes I have outstanding.

Winston wakes with Walter in his bedroom
Jasfoup wants tea - investigates the stone
Sarah Ferber talks to her son
Meinwen talks to Jasfoup
Harold wakes too early - has pains
Ragon Takes James
Tom lies in his pit, despondent
Sarah discovers that James is missing
The Imps John returns to working on the Malefic Mallorium. Wrack dresses Lu for the day
Jarvis Wakes up and sees death. - Washes and runs home
Ada goes up to the Manor to tale Lu out
DI White / Police new case in Ealing? Peters has had no sleep

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