Saturday, January 13, 2007


Only a few words today (250) since every second Saturday is Fencing workshop day. Six hours of grueling hard word wielding a 16th century (replica) rapier, a 19th century saber and finally a cutlass.

I love the cutlass. It's an in-close-down-and-dirty weapon where it's as valid to smash your opponent's nose with the pommel as slice through his (or her) neck and ram the point up through the roof of their mouth.

So...That's why I have swordfights in my novels.

The problem with Blogger is that, unlike LiveJournal, you can't (or at least I can't) reply to comments.

Jenny mentioned that she liked the use of ongoing characters in books and stories. I must confess that I do it as shorthand. If I want to write a short story, I either use an existing character or else set up a new character in the same mythical town (Brimmington, North London, present day). It saves me time thinking up new characters or locations, and brings the village a little more life.

Liz Fenwick thought that opening with a swordfight was a good idea. Let's hope so.

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