Sunday, January 14, 2007

Slow Day.

We were out much of the day today, and the rest was taken with me being ill. On the book front, I only managed 500 words with the introduction of Winston and his sister Julia. There are so many threads in this tale that it will be immensely satisfying to bring them together at the end, though Winston, in spite of his earlier stories, will not be a vessel for the loa Papa Legba. He will still be able to channel the dead to the Crossroads, though.

7,500 / 100,000


liz fenwick said...

500 words is great progress! Don't knock it.

I am trying to understand the story bits you leak out but I think it may just be beyond me :-)

leatherdykeuk said...

It's probably over-complex, and I suspect that at least one plotline will be removed in the editing stage. So far we have Harold (a shopkeeper-cum-demonologist) and his demonic friend Jasfoup caught up in a series of odd murders that the police can't solve. That's because the police don't believe in dragons. Meanwhile Winston is annoyed by the number of ghosts that want to talk to him all the time, when he just wants them to all go away. They lead him to Harold, who is related to the only human who can get to the bottom of the mystery by opening a portal to the faery kingdom: his mum.

liz fenwick said...

Sounds good and a bit like what middle child loves.......look forward to seeing it develop.