Wednesday, January 03, 2007


What is it about targets that makes me want to best them? I ignore competitions for a lot of the time and then I notice that the deadline is approaching and I drop what I'm doing and write for it.

I've just finished a story for an anthology that had a deadline of next week. I've had this call for months and did nothing about it but when the deadline looms, suddenly I want to write for it. I work best under a deadline, I think.

At least with this story - a modern day feed-the-damsel-to-the-dragon myth - I have the potential to expand it into a full novel. The potential is certainly there. I was only 5K but there's enough meat in it to expand in a dozen directions. After watching Torchwood, I may use Abaddon again, like I did in book 2 of H&J.or was it book three?

So with that as the basis of the novel, I declare myself to be 5% completed:


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