Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hook for Nephilim's Child

When Felicia Turling cruises for anonymous sex the bite from her twenty-minute lover leaves her both breathless and hungry for raw steak. Her body is changing and she doesn’t know why until someone, or something, tries to kill her.

Taken under the dark wing of a vampire mistress, Felicia finds herself embroiled in a world she never dreamed existed and all the fables in the world didn’t prepare her for the terror that an angel brings. Only the demon Jasfoup can save her, but when her landlord turns out to be the son of Lucifer and her sister gives birth to a dragon, she’d better learn how to make tea. Preferably with two sugars and a biscuit on the side.

Nephilim’s Child is a light-hearted urban fantasy in 120,000 words and three digestives.

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