Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Synopsis. First draft


FELICIA TURLING is an independent businesswoman running a small basement art gallery. Her life changes dramatically when, during a brief tryst with a woman in the ladies’ loo of a nightclub, she is bitten by her temporary partner. Her eyesight returns to 20/20, she has a craving for raw steak and her razor will no longer cope with the hair on her legs.

She confides in her landlord, HAROLD WATERMAN who suggests that she take a week off, especially when her mother is killed by what appears to be a demon. As she flees the scene she finds herself running on all-fours, slap-bang into GILLIAN, a vampire and partner of Harold. Gillian takes her under her wing and defends her from the attack of PURIEL, and angel bent of ridding the world of the race of nephilim of which both Felicia and Gillian are part. As they recuperate, Gillian explains that Felicia has become a werewolf and Puriel is trying to destroy the race of Nephilim before God sends another flood to destroy the world.

They ask Harold and his business partner JASFOUP, a demon from the sixth circle of Hell, for advice. As more angels attack they discover that the seraphim seek a dragon, the birth of which was foretold in the Revelations of St. John. It becomes a race to find the dragon before the angels exterminate the nephilim and fortunately Felicia’s sister JULIE happens to give birth to one. Gillian is killed protecting them but the dragon escapes. The flower bed is ruined.

The companions, with the assistance of Harold’s spell book, resurrect Gillian from her ashes but as they search for the dragon they are ambushed by Puriel. The battle goes badly until the dragon, whom Julie has named George, saves them and is killed in the process. Felicia manages to banish the angel with his own sword. Harold helps Felicia develop a plan to prevent the remaining nephilim being seen by God and the world is saved without so much as a paragraph in the local paper.

Felicia’s relationship with Gillian deepens to the point where the vampire puts a dog basket next to her coffin. Julie dates the demon Jasfoup since she doesn’t mind the tentacles. Harold brews tea to celebrate.

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