Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bookarazzi is an interesting site. It's a home of sorts, or rather an anteroom, of bloggers with book deals. The very kindly let me join even though my book won't be out until next year. I go through the site daily, finding the articles interesting or amusing, nodding my head as words jigsaw with experience.


Debi said...

If you're a small child what does that make the rest of us? I'm still waiting to grow up!

We must look at the discouraging comment function - meanwhile pop along to the forum for a cuppa and a chat. Hope to see you there soon.bubelehx2

Fionamac said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your extracts from Jasfoup's Tongue. This surprises me as it is totally not my genre. I guess this is because good,exciting writing is good, exciting writing whatever the genre.

PS. Love your desk. Thats such a cool idea. Don't know if I should do it as mine's covered with dog hair, a couple of choc wrappers, used wine glass from a couple of nights ago and stuff.