Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chapter 12 (2K)

1. Winston on the canalside - sets up the existence of the canal
2. Dredging - bottle - Winston's interest in bottles affirmed
3. Latitia and Winston - Latitia mothers him even though he's the elder
4. Mother's secret recipe - establishes an 'us and them' between the male and female members of the family
5. Winston's voices: hook
6. Winston steals a cake anyway - naughty boy
7. Sam - knew where Winston lived - stole the fetiche bottle - was stupid
8. Winston 'big brothers' sam - takes him into town - leaves him alone with Latitia in the bath

a. Why has Winston got a plate in his head? Backstory?
b. How will Winston save Sam from gaol?
c. Winston's voices. Alcoholism?



Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Can't help with the first two - I expect the answers will come to you - but I do have some thoughts about the third. People's 'voices' (i.e. the ones in their heads, which I assume is what you mean) often start after a trauma or stressful event. If you put "hearing voices" in Google you'll find several sites with nuggets of potentially valuable information about how people experience, and cope with, hearing voices.

leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks, Zinnia. That's a great help.