Saturday, July 07, 2007

Polite Company

“One should never do anything that can not be talked about after dinner.” Jasfoup smiled and stirred his tea three times counter-clockwise.

“So you’re not going to have sex with my sister again then?” Felicia’s face was a mask of innocence. “Ow!” She glared at Julie.

Jasfoup laughed and shot a glance at Harold. “That rather depends upon who I have dinner with,” he said. “Certainly I should avoid eating with those of a sensitive nature.”

“That’s a relief.” Harold held out his plate. “Dump a few more tentacles in there, would you.”

“We call it calamari here,” said Julie, dishing out the battered squid. “Tentacles are most certainly never discussed in polite company.”

Felicia caught the glance she shared with Jasfoup. “Not before lights-out, anyway.”

© Rachel Green 2007

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