Friday, July 13, 2007

Sales Target

“Hello there!”

Jasfoup gave a little wave as the door opened and flashed a set of perfect, white teeth.* “I’m Mr. Mugoto and this is my friend Virginia.”

“Virginia?” The woman looked at Harold with confusion all over her face. “That’s an odd name for a bloke.”

Harold coughed. “It’s represents me being born again in the purity of spirit,” he said.

“Born again?” The woman’s tone turned suspicious.

“Indeed so!” Jasfoup waved a pamphlet off her. “If you make a lifetime subscription today you can be born again too, or else spend eternity in the fires of Hell.”

“Not today, thank you.” The door slammed.

Jasfoup made a not in his book. “Another one volunteered for the pits,” he said. “That’s 317 today.”

*Harold still felt sorry the bloke he’d got them off.

© Rachel Green 2007

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