Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pride and Falls

Lucifer sat on the edge of a cloud and watched the world go by. Without interference, the earth slipped slowly around on its axis. He’d taken a brief interest in China when they’d begun to build a wall, first with earthworks and palisades, then with stone. You could see their progress all the way up here.

Gabriel dropped down beside him. “I hear you’ve been conducting experiments with your mortal form,” he said.

Lucifer cocked one eyebrow. “Who told you that?” Gabriel felt it was his duty to report on the off-duty activities of all the angels and would often invent things and then try to confirm them.

“Michael,” he said.

“Oh yes?” Lucifer returned his gaze to the earth below, where the middle ease hove into view. “What sort of experiments?” If Michael had indeed told him, Gabriel would not want to risk the sin of naming it.

“Just… body stuff.” He looked embarrassed, which more or less proved that he knew. “Oh!” you got a loose feather.” He plucked out the offending article and held it out. “Make a wish.”

I don’t need to,” Lucifer said. “I already have everything I want.”

Gabriel let the feather fly. Lucifer watched it before he realised which it was. “Hey,” He said. “That was one of my flight feathers.”

“Whoops! Sorry.” Gabriel’s smile indicated he was anything but. Lucifer felt a sharp pain as he tugged the other one free, and then his push.

Heaven receded as he fell, but he could just make out Gabriel’s voice.

“Michael is mine.”

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