Thursday, October 18, 2007



Jasfoup pulled his hands away from Harold’s eyes so that he could see the shop. It had opened a month or two ago in a village six miles from Laverstone.

“Museum of Junk?” Harold stepped forward toward the gaily cluttered window. His emotions warred between a need to buy it all and the desire to step away lest the house become as cluttered as it used to be. Gillian had been ruthless in reducing him to a state of near Zen living. “It’s just like my old emporium only pricier.”

Jasfoup grinned. “I found it by chance yesterday. One of my clients bought a Ouija board from here.”

“Look!” Harold pointed to a corner. “There’s a mirror that’s lost its silvering, and a teapot without a spout!”

He contented himself with a single purchase: a life-size model of Bela Lugosi as Count Vlad Dracul.

Gillian would have a fit.

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