Thursday, November 22, 2007


Gillian watched through the kitchen window as Sam walked to his car. “I don’t trust that bloke,” she said. “He’s a liability.”

“What harm can he do?” Harold stood next to her and put his arm lightly around her waist. “He was Winston’s friend before he was his brother in law.”

“He’s not one of us.” Gillian twisted so that her black-in-black eyes locked onto his. “He sees us through techno-wizardry.”

“What is magic except something that the viewer doesn’t understand?” Harold smiled and kissed the end of her nose. She rubbed away the dampness.

“That’s an old argument,” she replied, “and one that goes on to argue the case that vampires are mortally with a blood disorder.” She watched Sam’s car roar off down the drive. “I still want to bite his face off .”

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