Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Difficult Selection

The imp’s forehead creased in utter puzzlement. “For me?” he repeated, his paw hovering over the golden paper and ribbon of the gift wrapped box. “But nobody ever gives a gift to an imp.”

“They do now.” Harold grinned and nodded at him to open it. “I’ve got gifts for Delirious and John, too.”

“More fool you.” Devious sliced through the ribbon with a claw and stashed it in his pouch. There was no telling when it would come in useful. The foil paper went the same way, leaving him with an uninterrupted view of the box.

“Belphegor’s Finest Selection,” he read. “Our luxury box of mixed chocolate-dipped live rodents.” The imp looked up at his master and grinned. “Thank you Master,” he said, pulling off the lid to expose the tiny cages. “Can I tempt you with a marzipanned gerbil?”

“Ah.” Harold rubbed his stomach. “I’m still full from the Christmas Morning breakfast but it’s a difficult decision to say no.”

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