Wednesday, December 19, 2007


“I think Gilbert has become unbalanced. I can’t say I’m that surprised – it can’t be easy giving up everything you’ve ever known for the sake of spending a little more time with your loved ones – especially when you’re barely on speaking terms with them.”

Edith poured two cups of tea, holding the pot high in the air to encourage bubbles. “Not on speaking terms? Of course we are. He just hasn’t realised yet that I’ve stopped not talking to him.”

“Is that really wise?” asked Julie. “Your husband has passed on. He should go into the light rather than remain down here.”

“I don’t think he wants to dear. I think he wants to make my life as miserable as his was.” Edith looked up. “Sugar?”

“Yes please, just the one,” said Julie. “He’s gone again. He’s not listening to a word you say.”

“Eh? What?” Edith stirred her tea, chuckling. “That’s because he’s probably still deaf from the skewer I stuck through his ears and into his brain.”

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