Thursday, January 10, 2008

Halcyon Days

Laverstone, 1938

Sophia refused to ask for aid from the Fae and this pertinacious attitude caused her confidant to despair. Mr. Jasfoup had watched the shifting patterns of European alliances long enough to recognize that war was inevitable. The shadow of the dread Queen looming over Germany was obvious to anyone with the Sight who could see her agents. Sophia, descended from the line of the antediluvian Cain, had the very quality the Axis sought to eradicate and were she not in England he would fear for her safety. Even so he was aware of the dangers from aerial attack and invasion and beseeched her to swallow her pride. He was powerless: demons could not be seen to assist the Allies no matter how many angels flocked to the banners of the Third Reich.

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