Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lord of the Manor

The title deeds to Laverstone Manor date back to 1470, when Edward IV decreed that “the land betwixt the Laver and the Wytches Stone be given to Thomas Aqueous the Smythe for service to the King’s Men.” They were contested briefly when Harold inherited the manor because the town clerk, a particularly odious man who hadn’t forgiven Harold for beating him on the History test in 1976, declared them as ‘suspicious documents.’ His grounds were that Edward IV was deposed in 1470 and a genuine document would read Henry VI. It was pointed out, in an anonymous letter to the Laverstone Times, that Edward was not deposed until May, leaving the clerk somewhat embarrassed. “This,” Harold told the reporter afterwards, “is why I won the history prize and not him.” It was some relief then, that no-one noticed it was written in biro.

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