Friday, January 11, 2008

Private Investigations

Felicia drives her sports car with the top down whatever the weather, preferring the scent of the open air, the wind, the rain and the salutations of the hedgerow to the claustrophobia of the interior. Gillian likes to drive with the top down, too, except that the top she likes down is Felicia’s blouse bunched around her waist, her breasts free and nipples hard from the cold and Gillian’s ministrations. In over a year of their nocturnal drives there hasn’t been a single accident, more due to their superb reactions than to any extra care on their part. Gillian rarely wears a seatbelt as it interferes with her ability to lean over to the driver and glide her tongue over those hard nubs. Felicia doesn’t wear one because it restricts movement of hands --Gillian’s or her own when she switches on the overdrive -- past the waistband of her slacks. Harold doesn’t wear one because they’re not fitted in the boot, from where he spies on his partner and her lover.

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