Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Starting Over

Harold wanted to start over. Gillian didn’t. Just how are you supposed to go into the New Year with a feel-good frame of mind when in the first minute of it you witness your boyfriend – assuming you still wanted to call him that – kissing – and we’re not talking a peck on the lips here but a full-blown knock-your-panties-off pash – an elf? The stammered “I thought it was you in a costume” just doesn’t cut it when you arrived together, he in a spiderman outfit and you dressed to kill, literally, as Countess Dracul. Is it really better to accept that you can’t change the past and carry on regardless as if everything were rosy? Or is it better to bury the little sod alive under the foundations for the new extension and claim he ran away with an elf?

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