Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Deep Wallet of the Unlawful

Harold actually got stopped by the police yesterday and was charged with “driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.” His mistake was to deliberately undertake a cyclist that was, in his opinion, too far out into the road and he might have got away with it if the twelve year-old cyclist hadn’t started crying. The arresting officer, PC Charlie Trubshaw, was new to the force and didn’t know Harold from Adam (as the saying goes) but a swift phone call to Detective Sergeant Perkins sorted everything out. It cast Harold a donation to the Laverstone Policeman’s Benevolent Fund (which pays for their Christmas party) but he expected that. His traffic offence and three points on his license was reduced, to his relief, to a caution and no points. A further donation ensured that PC Trubshaw would be teaching road safety at Laverstone Primary School for the following three months.

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