Monday, February 25, 2008

The Two Lives of Harold Waterman

After a near-fatal brush with, if not death then his faithful companion pestilence, Harold Waterman elected to live life to the full. A complete change of appearance from the shabby chic of his youth to the sophisticated elegance of the Milan designers brought him not only peer appreciation but a rather attractive girlfriend. The change of lifestyle brought a change of business and he concentrated upon his love of antiquarian books and the acquisition of premises in the upper market area of town. A similar escape from death was not granted to his uncle, but Frederick’s loss was Harold’s gain and he was able at last to escape the apron-stings of his mother and move into his uncle’s dilapidated house. The business flourished, the house was refurbished and a complex series of fertility treatments – some orthodox, others less so – brought the patter of tiny feet. Harold’s life was completed with an heir to his fortune but his second chance at life became a living curse when he aged without death.

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