Wednesday, March 05, 2008

By the River

Jasfoup watched as Felicia jumped into the water and retrieved something. It was one thing to be a gentleman but quite another to get his suit wet. “What have you found?” he asked.

Felicia shook off the worst of the water and sneezed, holding up a hand to signal that another was on its way, preventing her speech. She sneezed again, looking slightly pleased at the result.

“An padded envelope,” she said, “containing a very soggy five hundred pounds and a photograph.” She passed it up to Jasfoup, whose curiosity had won over his reluctance to approach the wet girl.

“I don’t recognize her,” he said. “Do you?”

“I do, actually.” Felicia took back the photograph and frowned. “It’s Winston’s new girlfriend.”

“Is it? Well I never…” Jasfoup stared over her shoulder at the image of a young woman, caught as she came out of a doorway. “I thought he was gay.”

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