Sunday, March 16, 2008

Imp-erial Post

The delivery system on the internet storefront on the antique books shop included an option that Justin Parkes had never seen before. In addition to the usual ‘Express,’ ‘Normal,” and ‘Super Saver’ delivery options there was one which stated ‘Immediate.’
It was a bit pricey – almost the cost of the book itself but Justin was desperate for a copy of ‘How to Chat Up Girls’ to read before the party tonight. He pressed ‘Immediate’ and entered his credit card details. He still jumped when his letterbox clattered a scant ten seconds later and the book, wrapped in cellophane and cardboard with his name and address on a printed label, fell to his welcome mat. It didn’t occur to him until after the party, when Sandra Tipping was poised so elegantly over his half-naked body, to wonder how a 10 inch by eight inch book came through a six inch letterbox.

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