Saturday, March 08, 2008

Stating the Obvious

The “Theatres des Vampires” did a roaring trade after the books, and then the film based on them, sensationalized the idea that the performers were all undead. They weren’t, of course, as Harold could tell the first time he clapped eyes on them on a romantic weekend in Paris, booked via the Eurostar office. “I told you,” said his friend Jasfoup, “it wasn’t worth coming all the way to Paris for. It’s all a gimmick with fake blood and sleight of hand.” Later that night, in their hotel room (Jasfoup slept on the sofa to avoid temptation) it occurred to Harold that he had seen one of the performers cut to pieces. “I didn’t say they weren’t killers,” said Jasfoup, “just not vampires.”

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