Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Trial of an Imp

When Devious, an imp of relatively high standing in the ranks of Hell, was caught with an ounce of contraband he defended its use with some aplomb. It was, he suggested, a means to enhance his usefulness as a servitor of demonkind. He could fly short distances, meaning less congestion in the metaphysical tunnels and corridors which connected every point in the Nine Planes to every other point (weather permitting) and bring into being small objects of debatable usefulness. The Under-council debated one of these, a plastic tray with rectangular compartments but decided that an ice cube tray was of little intrinsic value in Hell. Devious was let off with a mark against his permanent record but the fairy dust was confiscated by the Prime CouncilImp for further investigation. Devious wasn’t bothered because he knew which street corner Peter Pan dealt from.

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