Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wedding Day

Latitia tucked a loose strand of hair under her hat. “Sam?” she called. “Are you ready yet?”

“I can’t get me’ tie on.” Sam appeared in the doorway with his usual lopsided grin. “Would you tie it for me, Lattie?”

She swallowed the retort and beckoned him over. He couldn’t help being a bit slow; his mother had basted him soft, he and his brothers. It was more of a surprise that he came away as clever as he did. “Did you remember to invite your mum to the wedding?” she asked, looping his tie into a Windsor know. “I didn’t get an RSVP from her.”

“Sorry, Lattie.” Sam looked at the floor. “I forgot.”

“She put a hand under his chin and lifted his face up. “Never mind,” she said, planting a kiss on his nose. “Come on, the taxi’s waiting.”

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