Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ABLS Excerpt

Julie accepted the coffee with a smile. “Thanks,” she said. “it isn’t often a demon brings you a coffee with the promise of something in return.”

Jasfoup swept up her hand and brushed his lips across her knuckles. “Who says I have no promises from you?” he asked. “I recall you making plenty to me last night.”

“In the throes of or-- of passion?” Julie said. “They’re not admissible in court.”

“Not a mortal one, certainly.” He glanced over at the office door, upon which hung a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. “What’s up with Mr. Sociable?” he asked.

“Stock check day,” said Julie. “I warned him this morning that we weren’t home to Mr. Grumpy but it seems there’s a book missing from the stacks.”

“Oh dear. Which one?”

“Samuel Roberts’ Treatise on Animated Figures.”

“Oh dear,” Jasfoup said again. “Copy or original?”

“Copy, I think.”

“Oh dear.”

“Isn’t that better than the original?”

“Not really.” Jasfoup perched on the corner of her desk, almost spilling her coffee. “The original is in two parts. Volume one: How to make the Homunculus and Volume two: How to animate it. In his infinite wisdom, Harold copied them both into one volume to preserve the set. If the copy’s been stolen we could have a big problem.”

“What’s a homunculus?”

“A little man, animated by magic.”

“Haven’t we always had a problem with Harold’s little man?”

From: Another Bloody Love Story in a chapter a week

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