Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blood Keys

Sam Hunt has power of veto over everything done at Twilight Operations. Ostensibly the company produces military-grade applications and cutting-edge technology and funds itself by the granting of licenses from its dozens of patents like the blood lock; similar in concept to the retinal scanner but keyed to the DNA of the security conscious professional. The reality is much darker. The technologies the company produces are the engineered applications to a process the Witchfinder General would have recognized all too well: demonology. The blood lock, for example, had been used for generations and celebrated in fairy tales – ‘only a true heir can open the chest/door/portal’. Sam uses the company to further his ambition of being the world’s richest man despite already having everything he wants but the title, but he still vetoes human reproduction without the use of semen.

Sam Hunt is the protagonist of Another Bloody Love Story

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