Thursday, April 03, 2008

excerpt from 'Another Bloody Love Story'

“A what?” Harold stared at his friend, perplexed.

“Homunculus.” Jasfoup’s finger trailed over the page of the bestiary. “It’s the only thing I can think of. ‘A creature born of magic’.”

“It seems unlikely.” Harold flipped the book around so that he could read it from his side of the table. “It says here they’re a few inches high and made of clay. It may have escaped your notice but the thing that attacked the shop was seven feet high and made of metal. It looked like a terminator to me.”

“Tch. You and your movies. I’m telling you it was alive. Not a robot or--” he held up a finger to forestall Harold’s interjection – “an android. Nor indeed a golem.”

“A golem?” Harold flipped backwards a few pages. “‘An animated being created entirely from inanimate matter, usually clay.’ That seems reasonable. Why couldn’t it be a golem?”

“Because golems can only work through the instructions written in their heads,” said Jasfoup. “Golems aren’t self aware; they just respond to a series of instructions.”

“Like a robot, you mean.” Harold smiled to himself. “So what makes you think it was self aware?”

“The way it reacted to its own reflection. It seemed genuinely distressed.”

“I see.” Harold rubbed his chin. “You think it was a beauty consultant.”

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