Monday, April 21, 2008

Long Drop

It was a long drop from the bell tower of St. Just’s in Laverstone but Billy Parkes didn’t care about the 220 feet. He leaned out as far as he dared and hawked up a goblet of spittle to send it flying out and downward. He lost track of it when it was caught by the wind and had a momentary attack of the wibbles when he lost his balance but windmilling his arms allowed him to regain his balance. He measured out the rope, tying one end securely to the parapet and gave it a tug to be certain of a secure fastening. A complex knot tied to the other end of the rope followed by a final look out and down and Billy was ready. His banner unfurled, failed to catch the wind and hung limply at the side of the tower.

Perhaps there was something to this religion lark after all, he thought. His ‘Satan Lives’ banner had flown just fine from the roof of the scout hut.

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