Monday, April 07, 2008

Mix Club

“What’s that you’ve got there?” Harold asked, picking up the CD Jasfoup was toying with. He glanced up at the road and then back down to the shiny, home-burned disc. “A compilation of sounds from your favourite buddy, Asphodel.” He looked across at the demon. “That sounds good.”

“You wouldn’t like it,” said Jasfoup, his legs involuntarily bracing against the dashboard as the van drifted into the next lane of traffic. “You know,” he said with a nod toward the windscreen. “You may be all but immortal but a car crash is going to hurt like… like…”

“Like Hell?” Harold swerved out of the path of an oncoming post office van and back into his own lane slipping the disc into the CD player as he went.

“No.” Jasfoup sat back with a smile as screams came through the speakers. Harold’s knuckles went white as his fingers tightened on the steering wheel. “Nothing is as bad as Hell for a mortal.”

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