Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Seething Quietly

“How’s Her Majesty this morning?” Jasfoup lifted the lid of the teapot and frowned. He turned to the kettle, found that was empty too and began filling it at the sink.

“Queen Butterhead?” Harold attacked the piece of toast he was holding with the butter knife. “Just fine, I think, if her breakfast request is anything to go by.” He nodded to a list inscribed with exquisite copperplate handwriting. “Two slices of toast, buttered with English Salted Butter – not margarine – to the edges. Two plain buttered croissants. Two plain croissants filled with freshly cooked, un-smoked bacon and drizzled with maple syrup, a glass of freshly squeezed orange and a pot of English Breakfast tea.”

“Sounds delicious. Your Aunt Lydia has exquisite taste.” Jasfoup sat at the kitchen table and opened up the morning edition of the Laverstone Times. “I’ll have the same.”

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