Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Stone Cellar

The cellars of Laverstone Manor are extensive. Far from the mundane expectation of the well-stocked wine cellar are three levels of basement which dig deeply into the Wiltshire soil. The Faery door is in the deepest, a bricked-up portico which seems to go nowhere except on the night of the blue moon where it opens into the distant country. Other cellars contain laboratories and magician’s workshops, the accumulated junk of four centuries, one or two bricked-up skeletons and the stone cellar, where lumps of marble and granite are stored. They pass the years here, accumulating the spectral whispers and vibrations of the house until such time as a sculptor-mage selects one for carving when they are transformed, according to the skill of the artist, into gargoyles and other sentient statues. Harold likes the lions on the front drive, but only after they’ve eaten.

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