Monday, April 14, 2008

The Tweedle Brothers

Mr. Dumb founded the School for the Linguistically Challenged in Laverstone, a modest evening class in two rooms above the bakers on Thornsby Street. His brother, Mr. Dee, taught the Tuesday class and he taught the Thursday one, reasoning that few people were willing to attend evening classes on Mondays and Fridays. Mr. Dee read his students through a variety of classics and encouraged them to write short stories, picking out a word or phrase that seemed particularly troublesome as a speck of grit at the centre of a pearl. Mr. Dumb encouraged them to read their stories aloud, to declaim poetry, to sing sonnets and to revel in their extended octaves. Those students graduating with honours at the end of the year suffered misfortune of one form or another but Inspector White pieced the trail together despite the silent victims. When arrested, Mr. Dumb sang.

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