Tuesday, May 20, 2008

After Fleming, After Bond


Gillian leaped backwards, her surprise causing her to miss her somersault and land badly. The resultant crack of her ankle bone was like the retort of a pistol against the walls of the alley. She scooted backwards, dragging her injured leg; desperate for enough distance to set it before it healed.

The old vampire walked slowly toward her, allowing her the time to twist the bone into place and hold it taut while it set. Her grimace was plain. Vampires may heal damage quickly but they could still feel pain. Excruciating, in this case.

Isaacs paused in font of her, leaning on his silver-tipped cane as he watched the bones knit. “Is there no welcome for your old master?”

“I thought you were dead,” Gillian said, “seeing as I killed you.”

Isaacs smiled. “This is my second life.”

“You only live twice, Mr. Bond.” Gillian stood, gingerly placing her weight on her newly healed ankle. A sweep of her arms centered her ki and made her ready to fight.

“Once when you are born, and once when you stare death in the face.” Isaacs nodded. “A senryu by Fleming after Basho, I believe.” He bowed. “Of course, you’ve already lived a second life after I turned you. Welcome to your third.”

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