Friday, May 30, 2008


Pennie barely had time to look up before the glass came crashing down in a transparent guillotine. It bisected her perfectly – a neat cleaving that sliced through skull and spine and all the flesh in-between with a sucking sound reminiscent of a window cleaner’s squeegee. Chase watched it happen in slow motion and would afterwards be able to recall the effect in grisly clarity.

It was almost bloodless. The death was so quick that the glass acted like a seal to the flesh. Pennie was able to blink and raise her hand for just a moment as she died, the bisection of the two halves of her brain cutting off her nerve endings. At least it was painless.

The sense of slow motion ended as the glass touched the floor and shattered. Pennie’s two halves peeled away as her loose organs, blood and intestines fell to the floor and spattered ten feet in every direction. Chase turned away, too slow to avoid the spray of blood that ruined his clothes and mussed his hair. A glance upward saw the shocked face of Mr. Dog on the balcony.

Chase turned away from the scene, wondering if dry-cleaning would deal with the bloodstains.


aims said...

And I bet that is the thought that goes through a lot of people's minds because of the shock.

Was there - could see it - now thinking a bit of smell would have been a good effect.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Good calls.

This is for 'Another Bloody Love Story' so I'll add olfactory tags when I get to that chapter.