Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Excerpt from 'Another Bloody Love Story'

Sam’s face was a twisted mass of rage. “You’ll suffer dearly for this,” he hissed, the partially burned tome in one hand.

“How dearly, exactly?” asked Harold. “I don’t have the least bit of love for you, so the chances of suffering dearly are a bit limited.”

“Er…” Jasfoup plucked at Harold’s sleeve. “Let it go. I wouldn’t antagonize him just yet.”

Sam’s eyes narrowed. “Suffer dearly as in ‘Dearly Departed’,” he said. “As in ‘Nearest and Dearest’ and ‘Dearly Beloved’.”

“I don’t follow,” said Harold. “You’re going to attack the church?”

“No! Ask your vampire girlfriend to put the barbeque on, Mr. Waterman. I’ll bring the STAKE. Are you always this dense?”

Jasfoup nodded. “I’m afraid he is.”

Excerpt from 'Another Bloody Love Story'

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