Monday, May 19, 2008

Guest Accomodation

Guests that choose the ‘Dungeon Suite’ at Laverstone Manor might think they’re choosing a theme room. Perhaps they expect nouveau-gothic décor and black-painted manacles attached to the walls. They may even expect something a little risqué: a suspension sling, St. Andrew’s Cross and selection of crops and paddles. What they actually get is a pallet of straw (clean straw extra), dirt floor, damp walls and a bucket (emptied weekly). Terms and conditions are clearly stated in plastic-coated signs with the reassurance that fires have never reaches this far underground. Alternatively, if you’re very lucky indeed, you might get exactly the same accommodation for free.

No. Wait. People staying there at the expense of the Manor rarely think themselves lucky. Fortunately, they don’t survive long enough to complain.

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