Sunday, May 04, 2008

Psychotic Episode

“Uncle Frederick! I’m so glad to see you!” Julie stared straight up from the bed. There was little else she could do thanks to the contraption that prevented it from moving. “Get me out of here, please.”

“He can’t dear.” This from a nurse in a starched white uniform. It looked as though she had starched her lips as well they were pursed so tight. “You’re on a 24-hour restriction order after attacking the Lord Mayor of London.”

“I wasn’t attacking him,” Julie said. “He has an elemental rooted to his shoulder. It’s growing right into his brain and making him say the most insane things.”

“They can’t be that insane,” said the nurse. “Everybody voted for him.”

“34% voted for him,” Julies said. “And that’s not by proportional representation--”

“—Which is a myth anyway. Admit it, love. You’re delusional. There’s no such thing as elementals and your Uncle Frederick isn’t even here.”

“Sorry love.” Frederick shrugged. “She can’t see me. I’ll get Harold, shall I?”

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