Monday, June 30, 2008


Harold switched the television off and sighed.

Jasfoup ignored him.

Harold glanced through the paper, threw it to the end of the sofa and sighed again.

Jasfoup ignored him again, concentrating on his chess game. Harold wandered over and stood at his right elbow. “Who are you playing?” he asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jasfoup scowled and gestured to the other side of the board.”

“It isn’t really, no.” Harold grinned. “There’s nobody there.”

“That’s because it’s a play-by-e-mail game,” said the demon. I thought you would tell I was playing Lord Belphegor by the opening moves.”

“Not really,” said Harold. “Is that the Sparta Defence?”

“Yes.” The demon frowned. “It’s difficult to break.”

“No it’s not.” Harold moved the white bishop and demonstrated the next six moves. “See?” he said. “You can break up the defence and take three of his pieces for the price of one.”

“That’s super,” said the demon, “except it’s my defence.”

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aims said...

Another good laugh! Oh dear....

I do love a good chess game - especially if I'm winning...