Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ecological Horror

Jedith lay back in the field and closed her eyes. The hot sun was reminiscent, just for a moment or two, of the lands she once called home. Stalks of wheat above her head sent shadows dancing across her eyelids and the drone of bees among the poppies and clover sang to her of English summers long ago.

She stretched out her hands, her fingers digging into the hard clay. She could feel the life teeming in the earth – a myriad of insects and earthworms. With a sigh she released the Spike Blight bacteria into the soil and sat up, watching as the stalks withered in an ever-increasing circle. It paused at the hedgerow, as if gathering its skirts for a jump, but the field beyond remained free of the blight.

On the other side the blight was happier, jumping from field to field where the farmer, mindful of tractor paths and harvest yields, had torn up the hedges. The blight ran from field to field spreading a harvest of destruction.


aims said...

Is Jedith an imp then?

aims said...

btw - perfect perfect writing - sigh....

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you :)

Jedith first appears as the catalyst for action in 'An Ungodly Child' She is one of the Horsemen* : The Angel of Pestilence.

*and women