Sunday, June 29, 2008

excerpt from 'Another Bloody Love Story'

“Um… Time to go.” Wrack fingered his little dirk nervously. It was rare for an imp to even consider defending himself – normally that would just get an imp into deeper trouble.

“Wait.” Valerie tried a kick at the homunculus but all she succeeded in doing was almost breaking her toe on the metal limbs. “There must be a way of stopping this thing.”

“There is,” said Wrack. “You kill the mage controlling it.” He watched as Valerie kicked it twice more, followed by an elbow slam which forced it back two paces. “The mage that’s patently not here,” he added.”

“Aye.” Valerie ducked under a forty pound solid metal arm and slashed at the head with her blade. Not even a scratch. “Go if you must. I’ll follow when I can.”

“You take the high road and I’ll take the low road.” Wrack opened a gate. “I’ll be at the Manor before you.”

“What are we? Scottish close harmony singers?” Valerie somersaulted backwards, giving herself valuable seconds in which to unsheathe her monofilament blade. “Scamper into your tunnels if you must, but I’m going to beat this beastie.”

“It’s your funeral,” said Wrack. “Should I come back for the bits?”


aims said...

Drats - I haven't got to this part yet...sounds ever so exciting tho.

Leatherdykeuk said...

This is from chapter 33