Friday, June 20, 2008

Following up

“Heaven’s Harps!” Jasfoup’s face fell as he looked out of the window. “What does he want?”

“Who?” Harold twisted round to see. “Oh crikey.”

The knock at the door was merely for courtesy’s sake, for the new arrival sailed straight through it, dressed rather traditionally for once in the customary black robes and scythe.

“Azrael.” Jasfoup managed a polite nod. At least the Angel of Death worked in an autonomous department and didn’t cause demons to spontaneously combust. “To what do we owe the pleas… What can we do to make your visit brief?”

“A cup of tea would be nice.” Azrael leaned his scythe point upwards against the fridge and sat. “This is just a courtesy call, really, to follow up on my conversation with young Harold here.”

“What conversation?” Harold hurried to make fresh tea. “I haven’t seen you since that business with my very late grandfather.”

“I meant the one before that,” said the angel. “The one where you died and were resuscitated. You told me you didn’t fancy being dead just yet. I thought you might have changed your mind by now.”

“Er, no.” Harold grimaced. “Thanks, though. What made you come now?”

“You saved someone’s life yesterday.” Azrael accepted his tea and added sugar, stirring slowly. “By my reckoning, if you died now you’d have a 73% chance of reaching Heaven. I hate to be blunt, but I’ve never seen your rate so high.”

“The answers still no.” Harold sat down, relieved that the choice was his to make. “I have to ask, though. Whose life did I save? I didn’t leave the house yesterday.”

“My point exactly.” Azrael hitched up his sleeves to show his bony arms. “You didn’t drive at all. I don’t suppose you have a garibaldi?”


aims said...

Hmmm - I guess I better start honing my verbal skills if there is a small chance of changing Azrael's mind.

As for Harold...he really gets himself into some amazing situations. There's always something new to learn about him.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Remember who Harold is... Much of his experiences would never be matched by us mortals!