Thursday, June 19, 2008


“It’s an amazing space.” Janet White looked up at the barrel vaulted roof. “It still has all the furnishings, too. All the pews and altar and stuff.”

“It’s still in use, actually.” The estate agent smiled and indicated she should tour the rest of the building. “It’ll be vacant possession, of course, and the building will be de-sanctified.”

“Will it?” Janet opened the door to the bell tower. “That would be a shame. I’d be willing to pay the full asking price if you can arrange to leave it sanctified.”

“Really? I’m not sure the present owner would approve, and it touches on the Blasphemy laws.” The agent looked thoughtful. “But surely, any renovations and redecorations you do will de-sanctify it anyway.”

“Not at all.” Janet turned to face him, feeling her wings involuntarily flex against the strapping under her blouse and jacket. “I love it just the way it is.”


aims said...

Oooh! I love her name - especially the White!

Angels here on earth then? I'm wondering if I know any....

aims said...

btw - how am I doing? Do I usually catch on or am I batting 250?