Sunday, June 22, 2008

Second Coming

“He’s coming down.” Felicia smiled at the demon and went back to reviewing slides of a prospective exhibitor of her gallery.

“What?” Jasfoup’s face fell as a thousand thoughts crowded through his brain. There was so much more he’d planned to do with his life. See the world, for one thing, not just the small amount of it that comprised Europe, Egypt, China, Japan, Nepal and the west coast of the USA. There were people he wanted to meet – everyone in every phone book and the people without phones. There were books he wanted to read and never had time for – Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’ was good for a laugh. All he’d done for the last hundred years was muck about in Laverstone having a good time.

He was in such a panic about what to do first that he just stared at the werewolf. “What should I do?” he pleaded. “The Second Coming wasn’t supposed to be on a Tuesday.”

“Second coming?” said Felicia. “I didn’t know he’d come once. Harold was late this morning.”

“Harold?” Jasfoup grinned in relief. “Harold’s coming downstairs? I thought you meant…” he blushed and looked away. “Never mind.”


aims said...

Ah! The demon in a flap! What fun! Gave me a good laugh this morning...thanks.

Leatherdykeuk said...

He certainly wasn't happy!