Thursday, June 05, 2008

Seventh Sister

When the trembling subsided, the woman fell to the grass, surprised at the sudden shift from moonless night to bright, cloudless day. But where were her sisters? And the demon they had summoned, so terrible in white majesty, its face a hole of eternal fire and a thousand eyes scattered across its body, each blinking and accusing in the light of the tallow candles?

Gone, all. They must have thought her dead or worse, and set her to rest in this stone circle. Not one she recognized, either. Six stones of varying shapes and a bare spot in the grass at the middle. She looked across the grass. Surely that was the river Lavers? Just below the fall? There was no stone circle here. This was where they had tried to perform the ritual to call an angel, wasn’t it? The Inn should be just over there.

Right where that big house was.


aims said...

Surely she should have recognized something in each stone? A sisterly feature perhaps?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Would you look for a sister in a lump of stone? I doubt I would, not for a while, anyway.